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Paper Geek

Paper Geek, Save Cost , Enjoy Friendly Environment And Go Green With All Your Business Transactions.

paper Geek comes with amazing solution to organize your daily , weekly , monthly and yearly payments to make it easy to handle your payments paper Geek is an application that you will never stop using . If you have store , outlet , pharmacy , hospita , etc... you can make your customer more satisfied because you will help them to organize thier payments and you will help on keep our world clean .

PaperGeek for ALL PaperGeek for outlets

Save Cost, Enjoy Friendly Environment And Go Green With All Your Business Transactions.

There has been intense awareness by groups, organisations and individuals to help make our environment friendly by staying green in all we do. Going green in all our businesses and transactions has great benefit to our environment; not only does it reduce pollutants and other poisonous gasses in the atmosphere, it also help in sustaining neat and clean environment for all of us and save us the enormous costs spent on papers.

PaperGeek is not left behind in this struggle of sustaining clean and eco-friendly business transactions, which has led to our GO Green idea of completely paperless receipts.

Climate scientists recently published that the major causes of the trending global warming is efforts by humans in increasing the global carbon footprints through their daily transactions and businesses.

The presence of certain gases like carbon II oxide, Nitrous oxides and methane which are produced by burning of papers and other carbonaceous products into the atmosphere block heat from escaping into the outer spaces. These gasses cause “greenhouse effect” which leads to global warming.

PaperGeek is a Go green initiative that is powered by Code Land IT Solutions with main objective of expanding the frontier of completely green business transactions with a simple software component on PCs. PaperGeek helps you to make payments, receive payments and do other business transactions without paper printed receipts – digital receipts.

With PaperGeek your businesses will save paper cost, sustain healthier planet and gain more customers’ loyalty.

This is how it works:

It’s a tradition that each time you pay for your bill the cashier prints you a paper receipt as a proof of payment. PaperGeek has come with more eco-friendly method of receipting which makes your receipts even more secured at no cost compared to the traditional method – Paperless; no paper at all!

All you need to do is to install c on your outlet or shop’s PC; this will automatically enable you to send the softcopy of the receipt to your customer’s account.

With PaperGeek installed in your outlet’s PC, your business is as good as green! So, whenever your cashier wants to print receipts for customers, a question prompt will pop up “Go for green” then the cashier will type or scan the customer’s number and automatically a soft receipt will go directly to the customer’s mobile as his proof of payment. That’s all! And your business is going green…

There are lots of benefits of using Go green.

• It save paper and printing costs
• It gives you access to getting customer’s profile for follow ups
• It breads customers loyalty and confidence
• Free digital ads for your business, since the soft receipts have your business inscriptions.

PaperGeek is designed for personal bills, water bill, ATM, Bank statements, business bill and purchasing receipts.

Save paper cost with PaperGeek, good for our planet, and good for your business…